Metal Frame EWI External Wall Insulation (Insulated Render) can easily be applied to Metal framed buildings. GPD Contracts regularly install EWI to projects that involve Metal framed construction in Worcester, Birmingham, Manchester and London. Essentially the Insulated Render system is adhered & fixed to a suitable sheathing board. Non combustible rating is comfortably achieved with Mineral Wool (Rockwool) Insulation with a class O rated sheathing board, such as Magnesium oxide board. There are a wide range of finishes available including 'through colour' silicone & acrylic, scratch render 'through colour' finish, brick effect, brick slip & aggregate dash - all in a wide range of colours.

EWI systems that are available from our suppliers come with a British Board of Aggrement certificate and a 10 year warranty.

SFS Framing & Cement Particle Board

Metal framed buildings generally achieve a high level of accuracy. The primary metal frame will receive a secondary steel frame (SFS) which receives a sheathing board, usually a cement particle board (CP board). EWI is then fitted directly.

A range of sheathing boards and insulants are available including a full Class O, non-flammable option.

Non-combustible EWI

GPD Contracts recently completed a non-combustible EWI installation at the new CSSB building within the new Liverpool University Hospital development. For more information on non-combustible EWI systems please feel free to get in touch.

All insulant options can be used on metal frame constructions. However, there is a non-combustible option when using 'Class O' rated cement particle carrier board with mineral wool insulation.

All Shapes & Sizes!

Curves are easily achieved with EWI systems, whether it be masonry, metal or timber frame constructions. The picture above shows the required 'notched base track' along with an example of a typical project.

The Insulation can naturally curve to most radius. In non-combustible specifications, Lamella mineral wool is required.

STO Turbo Fix

On large commercial fast track schemes, STO's Turbofix comes in to its own.

The speed of installation on metal frame projects is vastly improved, with the absence of time consuming self-drilling mechanical fasteners.

The Insulation within an EWI system is often mechanically fixed with a cementitious adhesive. However, as with all industries, manufacturers are striving for improvements to their systems. The fixing methods below from STO showcase this.