Refurbishment or re-rendering for failing or cracked render

Sand & Cement render often results in premature cracking or in severe cases complete failure including de-lamination.


A 'Scrim & Pin' method, can offer a reliable long-lasting solution with minimal maintenance. This avoids the un-predictable, costly & messy process of removing existing render.

The image on the left shows a weak sand & cement mix that resulted in crumbling render and cracks, with paint delaminating and peeling off.

On the right the image illustrates the finished silicone 1.5mm render texture.

Cracks can be repaired and re-building of areas can be made where render had crumbled. Here it's possible to re-enforce render, before the full 'Scrim & Pin' thin coat 're-enforced through colour render system'.

We would be pleased to provide a detailed specification to help resolve your re-render enquiry.

Colours & Finishes for thin-coat render systems

Numerous finishes are available with thin-coat render systems.

Silicone or Acrylic 'through colour':

'Through colour' means that the finishing coat is coloured. Painting is therefore not required

Silicone systems extremely durable and washable

A multitude of colour options are available

1.5mm Textured Silicone finish area - also available in 2mm & 3mm textures

The images below show a selection of colour renders available from both Weber & Wetherby:

Brick-effect can also be applied to re-enforced base coats

Our experienced applicators use techniques to re-create the natural colouring of many brick types.

Brick Slips for a true 'brick finish'

Brick slips are simply slips cut from actual bricks. Synthetic alternatives are also readily available

Full range of brick colours and finishes are available to satisfy planning and design requirements

The existing wall receives base coat, re-enforcing mesh and finished to a scratch coat before brick slips are adhered

The finishing process is pointing as with traditional brickwork, however there are a number of mortar colours available to suit job specific requirements