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8th January 2020
Weber Silicone Render by GPD Contracts ltd.
4th February 2020
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Render cleaning & maintenance near Cheltenham

Algae removal, Render cleaning and maintenance near Cheltenham

GPD Contracts recently completed a Render cleaning & maintenance project near Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

Maintenance of the Render system had unfortunately not been carried out since installation of an EWI, Acrylic finish Render system 10 years ago.

Intrusive Algae growth

Algae build up on Silicone Rendered surfaces penetrate the system if not treated.

There is a diverse range of Algae organisms

The project near Cirencester consisted of Algae treatments followed by Render Re-coating where Algae had penetrated Acrylic Top coat. Elevations with non intrusive Algae contamination were treated and cleaned before a coating of Silicone paint. Silicone Renders & paints contain greater anti fungal properties.

If maintained, Silicone Renders provide un-rivaled longevity. A Bi-annual maintenance plan will save considerable sums over the life span of a new Render system.

For more information, please contact our office near Malvern on 01684 593431.

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