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10th January 2019
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26th January 2019
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Lime Render & Period features

Specialist Lime Render contractors GPD Contracts ltd. Replace and restore Heritage approved, hydraulic Lime Render and Period features at Studley Castle in Warwickshire.

Traditional methods are used when installing Lime Render to our Heritage projects. For example, all corners and stepped Chamfers are hand formed with Timbers by our skilled workforce. This a clean crisp corner that is in keeping with original methods when installing Lime Render. A further benefit is that degradation of Metal corner beads in the short – medium term is eliminated, meaning that the Render system will be good for decades to come.

The package of works were varied. Preparatory repairs were often required, ranging from from minor repairs of cracks, to rebuilding of Limestones with Lime Mortar before the New Lime Render process could begin

New String courses. New profiles are built in stages, The use of clay infused mesh, significantly improves required long curing times of Lime Render.
Profile guides are made after templates are scribed on-site. The profile blank is then created by use of laser cutting technology.

A patient staged process begins…..

Renovation of excessive erosion or degradation is still possible.
After tyeing in mesh filler and replacement clay bricks, rebuilding of Lime Render and the String course profile can begin.

Render replacement including Period profiling

For more information, see our pages on this site on Render for period properties. alternatively, feel free to give our office a call on 01684 593431.

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