Breathable EWI is used on period properties, or where a fully breathable EWI system is required.

Period properties were originally constructed with clay bricks & lime mortar. Breathability is essential to ensure that the building functions as originally intended

EWI systems that are available from our suppliers come with a British Board of Aggrement certificate and a 10 year warranty.

Key Features & Benefits

Increased Thermal performance within both the Refurbishment & Newbuild construction markets.

GPD Contracts offer EWI from long standing market leaders. Companies that have been at the forefront of the established European and British markets.

The Insulation within an EWI system is often mechanically fixed with a cementitious adhesive. However, as with all industries, manufacturers are striving for improvements to their systems. The fixing methods below from STO showcase this:

Roto Fix

Roto Fix is a patented fastener solution that can create a cavity without the need of timber or metal battens. This can also alleviate problems occurring from an uneven background or to achieve Architectural features such as curves.

STO Turbo Fix

STO Turbo fix offers an adhesive only fixing option, eliminating continuous drilling and subsequent vibration and noise issues during installation.