Re-enforced Silicone Render at a New Primary school in Newtown, Powys
16th October 2018
Brick slip cladding in Malvern
10th January 2019
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Non-combustible EWI cladding in Cheltenham

EWI Replacement

200 sqr mts of Permarock Mineral wool, EWI system CLICK for more information

GPD Contracts were invited to replace an EWI system to a modern Executive home in Cheltenham.

The property is a timber frame construction, built originally to provide high levels of thermal performance with a commitment to ethically sourced materials.

Being of Timber frame construction, careful selection of the new EWI system was important for a number of reasons. Our partners Permarock systems supplied a Mineral wool EWI system satisfied both vapour permeability and Non combustible requriements. The lightly textured through coloured Silicone Render finish, is in keeping with the original design to ensure that the property continues to fit within the select development.

For more information see our page ‘EWI for Timber frames’

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